Gift? Please Add a Ribbon!

This year’s catalog has a new invitation on each page:  “Gift?  Please Add a Ribbon.”

We wanted to make your gift complete  So we had thousands of high-quality grosgrain hand-tied ribbons and bows made up for you-to add color and a finishing touch to your package. Whether for a birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, or just because – we have a bow for you. In addition to making your gift more beautiful, adding a ribbon helps us to support our life of prayer.  We hope it will bring you added joy!

under-your-treeWe offer a scarlet shade of red for Christmas and Valentine’s Day that really makes our Trappistine logo on our Butter Nut Munch and Chocolate Hearts “POP” – your gift is ready to give; you won’t want to cover up beauty of the pearlized paper with other wrapping paper.

The “best” is still inside the box – a bounty of mouth-watering goodness.

And, the satiny grosgrain fabric we’ve selected holds its shape and doesn’t crease or wrinkle like paper-based ribbons do.  The bow is carefully packed for shipping, and maintains its fullness even after a trip on Santa’s sleigh!

Simple, elegant, and high-quality, our bows are consistent with the Trappistine way of life:  simple and with a focus on intent and purity and quality.

trio-2-with-green-ribbon Do you have a springtime occasion to celebrate?  All of our boxed candies come with an optional Spring Green ribbon, which looks especially beautiful on our boxes of Chocolate Squares, Chocolate Almond Squares, and Simply Munch, all printed in shades of blue or green.  It’s always nice to offer quality chocolate to the adults at the Easter gathering; we recommend our Simply Munch, which is pure and fresh and simple like a flower budding on a spring morning.

Mother will love your gift of Dark Chocolate Almond Squares or Chocolate Hearts as a sign of your affection for her special day – adorn it with a lovely spring green ribbon, and your gift will be extra- thoughtful … just what a mother appreciates!


Thanksgiving is a time of bounty- what better time to share a bountiful box of our Chocolate Squares or Chocolate Almond Squares.  The Copper color of our Thanksgiving bow reflects the shades of autumn, and also brings to mind the milk chocolate inside the box!

And, finally, we have a ribbon that shouts “Chocolate!” – our Autumn Ribbon – a dark chocolate shade that will accelerate the opening of the box to reach what is inside – rich, and delicious, it’s waiting there for your special someone!



Your selection of a ribbon goes a long way to supporting our life of prayer – for you and for the world.  So, next time you give our candy as a gift, please consider adding a ribbon!


Proposing to4-2016-valentine-ad that special someone this Christmas?  Open the box, and put the engagement ring into one of the Chocolate Heart slots (yes- take one out, and go ahead and enjoy it!)  She’ll be delighted, and you’ll both have something to share to celebrate her “YES!”  The good news is that the bit of elastic behind the bow makes the ribbon re-useable, and it will look good as new when you replace it around the box.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and holiday season.

With love and prayers,

The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey








We’ve Wrapped your Gift for You!

Have you noticed? We’ve wrapped your gift for you – whether it be for a Birthday/Anniversary/Holiday, or “Just Because”.

We know how popular our candy is for gift-giving and so we’ve gone to the effort of re-designing our gift boxes, selecting a pearlized finish for the paper, and a distinguished-looking logo that elegantly decorates the top of the box.

To add more color, and a finishing touch for your gift, appropriate for each season and holiday, we’ve introduced a quality hand-tied grosgrain ribbon and bow.  For Christmas, your gift can be ordered complete with a Red ribbon.  Thanksgiving Ribbons are a Copper color, and for Autumn occasions, a Chocolate Brown to match the falling leaves of the season.


Of course, Valentine’s Day boxes are adorned with a red ribbon.  And the paper is printed with silver hearts.


Finally, gifts for the Spring Occasions and Holidays – Easter and Mother’s Day – come with a Spring Green ribbon and bow.


These ribbons have been selected for their quality and resilience – they will not wrinkle during shipment, and can be re-used.

We hope you’ll order ribbons for your gift candy.  While enhancing the appearance of your gift, and making it “ready to give”, your ribbon purchase goes that much further toward helping us to support our community’s life of prayer for the world.

And, as you see in the photos, we’ve re-packaged our Fudge and Samplers so that they are not only visible through the clear acetate top, but they, too, are decorated for occasions and holidays!

We wish each and every one of you a blessed, peace-filled and joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas/holiday season.  With love and prayers,

The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey.

Introducing our Enhanced Web Store!


Our Enhanced Web Store

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our site to make it easier for you to navigate. You’ll find it operates more like Amazon’s web store. But we think you’ll find ours even simpler to use.

This year, when you order online, you’ll notice that you need to “Create an Account” if you want to store your billing information and shipping addresses on our secure site for your future use. (We regret that this upgrade did not permit us to save the billing and shipping information and addresses you may have stored on our old web store.)

All you need to do is enter your name and address, and create a password (DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE CREATE AN ACCOUNT BOX!) You will then be able to add your shipping addresses, and store them, too for saved time and easy on future orders.


Multiple Shipping Addresses

We have also worked hard to enhance our “Multiple Order” interface, to improve your shopping experience with us. This is useful for those of you who send our candy to multiple recipients for Christmas and other holidays. If you Create an Account, you’ll only have to enter your gift recipients’ shipping addresses once, here and they’ll be saved for your future use.

Select all the items you want to send first, then on the first checkout page, click the “Set Multiple Addresses” button.


You will then be able to load addresses, one at a time, then assign the addresses to the products in your shopping cart – either as you go along, or after you’ve entered all of your shipping addresses.  Note that when you use this online facility for multiple orders, your gift message will be the same for each order. To assign a unique message to each shipment, enter each order separately.

Or, you can use the printed mail-in Order Form included with your catalog. Just attach a typed copy of additional shipping addresses, and indicate which products you want shipped to each. We will be happy to enter your order for you.

You can also print this form from our web site: a link to the form is located at the top of our Shop our Products page. You may then fax it or mail it to our business office for processing.

Wholesale Link

You may also notice there is a link for Wholesale Customers in the upper right hand corner of the page.  We are growing our business by selling through wholesale outlets across the country.

Will you help us spread the word? If you know a grocer or gift shop owner/manager who might be interested in our products, please direct them to this link on our web site.  There they will find answers to frequently asked questions, product and pricing information, and an order form that they can submit online.


Thank you!!  The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey appreciate your continued support!

Trappistine Fundraising


This local Youth Faith Formation group chose Trappistine candy for their fundraising efforts to pay for their upcoming mission trip to Puerto Rico.

The teens sold Trappistine Chocolates, Fudge, Butter Nut Munch, and Easter Bunny Pops after all masses on Palm Sunday, and after the Saturday mass, at St. Mary’s in Wrentham, and St. Martha’s in Plainville, despite falling snowflakes and colder than usual temps.

IMG_2829“The candy just flew off the tables!” said Bob Collins, Director of Youth Faith Formation at St. Mary’s Parish.  “We had to go back to the abbey on Saturday night to pick up more cases for Sunday!”

The youth group is raising funds for their upcoming mission trip to Puerto Rico, where the students will volunteer at an orphanage and a men’s and women’s shelter, and will also participate in home repair projects.

Trappistine Candy – a wonderful way to make good things happen!  Stay tuned for more details about the mission trip!






Taco Inc.: Making Happy, Healthy Hearts



Our signature Butter Nut Munch helped Taco Inc., of Cranston, RI raise more funds for the American Heart Association.  As part of their Wear Red for Women’s Heart Health Awareness fund raising efforts, Taco Inc. offered employees who donated $10.00 or more a free box of our signature Butter Nut Munch!

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to support healthy hearts!

“We are pleased to have been part of Taco Inc’s fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association,” said spokesperson and Marketing Director Mary Jo Finkenstaedt.  “The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey share and esteem the commitment of the management and employees of Taco Inc. to charity and health/wholeness, as well as their dedication to sustainability.”

A special thank you to John Hazen White Jr., President of family owned Taco Inc., and his staff, notably Michele Verduchi, who arranged for our Butter Nut Munch to be part of the program!

We hope we made your Valentine’s Day sweeter!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all –

Harmony House of Western MA – Building A Dream with Love and Prayers

Ruth Willemain, age 79, of Harmony House of Western Massachusetts  would have loaded all 70 cases of our candy into her van, if we had let her!  She’s a woman with a dream and a plan.  And she won’t let anything stand in her way.

Ruth, a Holyoke resident, and her friend, Jeanne St. Pierre, 82, of Chicopee, MA, took delivery of over $7,000 worth of Butter Nut Munch, Chocolate Squares, and Chocolate Almond Squares (Bark), Fudge and Penuche from our loading dock here in Wrentham.

Their dream: Harmony House of Western Massachusetts – a loving home where people living their final days will find love, peace and comfort.

And their plan: to continue with their fund raising efforts until they are able to purchase and staff that home – and build a lasting structure of support around it. Selling Trappistine Quality Candy has been part of their fund-raising efforts from the start.

And the Sisters of Mount St. Marys Abbey are delighted that the work of their hands and their prayer is going out to do more good.

Ruth, after 45 years of teaching, went into hospice and nursing home care. A friend of her sister’s was a resident at a similar home for the terminally ill, in Cleveland, OH – Malachi House of Hope – and they paid a visit.

“I walked through the doors and I was enveloped by love,” Ruth shared. “This was not an ordinary place.  I immediately wanted to spread this ministry by founding a similar home in my area.”

“Malachi House has been operating for 26 years, and has never taken a cent from its residents,” adds Willemain. “We hope to be able to do the same.”

Ruth and Jeanne decided on using Trappistine Quality Candy for their fund raising after a visit to St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA – a community of Trappist monks who are “brothers” to the Trappistines of Trappistine Quality Candy.    The monks touted the candy as the best around, and a customer in the shop echoed that sentiment.   It was affordable, made with all natural ingredients, and best of all, “Made with Love and Prayers”. Ruth was sold!

This fall, they are scheduled to sell the candy at several churches and Christmas Bazaars in the Holyoke area. They have seven venues scheduled every weekend between November 8th and December 14th in Westfield, Ludlow, Chicopee, South Hadley, and Holyoke (see list of addresses and times below.) The candy is even selling at the beauty salon that Ruth frequents – she shared it there once, and the clients all loved it so much that the owner decided to start selling it himself!

They never stop giving. At the ages of 79 and 82, long after retirement age, they work tirelessly to build the foundation under their dream.

“We’re fortunate enough that God has left us on this earth for this long,” Ruth adds, “so we want to continue to find ways to serve Him.”

If you’d like to support Harmony House of Western Massachusetts, and you can’t visit one of their fundraisers this Christmas season, please visit their web site or you can call Ruth at 413-534-0704 or Jeanne at 413-592-7889.  They continue to raise funds toward their goal of $800,000. They are looking for Volunteers, Board Members, and Advisory Board members, and anyone who might like to contribute goods for the fund raisers, or property for the home.

Scheduled Venues are listed below, and published on their web site.

The candy is also available at:

Cosmo Cut and Style Beauty Salon, 1890 Memorial Dr.  Chicopee, MA   01020



Nov 8th 9-3


Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center

127 Holyoke Rd.

Westfield, MA



Nov 15-16

St. Elizabeth Parish

121 Hubbard St.

Ludlow, MA

After 4:00 Mass on the 15th

And on the 16th after the 7:30, 9:15, 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. Masses


Nov 22-23

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center

127 Holyoke Rd.

Westfield, MA

After the 4:00 p.m. Mass on the 22nd

After the 7:00, 8:30, and 11:00 Masses on Sunday the 23rd


Nov 29th 9-2

Christmas in November Craft Fair

St. Patrick’s Social Center

Main and School St.

South Hadley, MA



Dec 6 9-3

The Arbors Holiday Craft Fair

929 Memorial Dr.

Chicopee, MA


Dec 6-7

Our Lady of the Cross

Sycamore St.

Holyoke, MA

After the 4:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday

After the 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 masses on Sunday


December 13-14

St. Jerome Parish

Hampden St.

Holyoke, MA

After the 4:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday

After the 8:00 and 10:30 Masses on Sunday

Trappistine – Supporting Local Businesses

New Candy Building
New Candy Building – funded by a soft fund raising campaign – completed in 2011.

Trappistine – Supporting Local Businesses since 1956

What does it mean to be socially responsible, and to support local businesses? The Nuns of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey, makers of the renowned Butter Nut Munch, Chocolates, Bark, and Fudge/Penuche, are a good community to ask.

Their business, Trappistine Quality Candy, while not a large operation, has survived and thrived over the years, mainly for a few good reasons.

First and foremost they produce a quality product, with only high-quality, natural ingredients, in a first-rate production facility for which they raised the funds themselves. And their work ethics are meticulous.

Anyone who has ever bitten up to their Butter Nut Munch can attest to the abundance of hazelnuts. In the factory, each piece of Munch is examined before it goes into the box to make sure it holds the maximum pieces of hazelnuts. If not, back it goes for hand-application of more!

And while competitors are using “artificial” flavoring in their chocolate, and chocolate made from cocoa powder and vegetable oil, Trappistine chocolates are pure, produced from ground cocoa nibs – and you can taste the difference! This means the cost of making their chocolates is higher than their competitors. Still, the sisters wouldn’t dream of producing anything less than a pure, wholly good, natural product for you, their customers.

Second, the sisters are good neighbors, and they support local businesses.

The story of cities like Detroit, MI, speaks volumes about the necessity of supporting local businesses. Having lost 50% of its population with the the loss of manufacturing and auto industry-related jobs, Detroit today finds itself in bankruptcy and with a glut of empty homes that no longer hold any value. There is no market for houses, because there are no jobs. Where there once were thriving neighborhoods, you’ll find overgrown empty lots and boarded up houses.

While many companies worldwide are looking to outsource labor and source their supplies from China and other economies where costs are lower, the sisters strive to choose local vendors.    Their current candy box vendor, Fuller Box, with manufacturing facilities in Central Falls, RI, is a good example.   Having prospered with the Providence jewelry industry, Fuller saw their share of change in business when that industry started manufacturing overseas.   Being a tenacious and quality manufacturer themselves, Fuller retains a healthy jewelry packaging business, yet has diversified with local companies like Trappistine Quality Candy. This in turn helps them support their Central Falls workforce and their families, in turn protecting the health of the local economy.

Sr. Sofia- Peter- Graham
Sr. Sofia, head of Candy Production, gives Peter and Graham Fuller of Fuller Box a factory tour.

Third, the sisters’ work is a form of prayer, and they work tirelessly not only to bring you the best quality, but at the best price they can. This is part of the Rule of St. Benedict, by which their lives are governed. They are in business to support their life, not to maximize profits.  They don’t like to raise prices.

While companies like Hershey’s are announcing an 8% increase across the board on their products, due to the rising cost of chocolate (some companies report a 20% increase in the price of chocolate this year), Trappistine is striving to hold firm, and keep increases to a minimum.

Finally, the sisters are committed to green energy, and once again, this commitment benefits their neighbors. Last year, the sisters celebrated the completion of a solar field installation on their property. They determined that this initiative would serve the the Rule of St. Benedict that requires them to be good stewards of their natural resources.

Not only does it make them good stewards, it is helping the Town of Franklin to meet their own clean energy goals.  The solar field supplies the town with a good portion of the electricity needed to power their public buildings.

And if that’s not good enough, the sisters also invested their hard earned pennies in a wind turbine – which offsets the cost of powering the Abbey and feeds the local “grid”.   And they implemented a geothermal system which reduces heating and cooling costs of their candy production facility, further protecting the local environment.

Finally, the sisters support the local poor and the needy, in both times of abundance and in times of need.

So, next time you bite into a piece of Trappistine candy, you can feel exponentially good about it supporting this local business.   Your choice helps support a number of local companies and their employees and families, feeds and clothes the poor locally, and supports green energy.   And, not least of all, it supports a lovely community of hard-working, joy-filled sisters whose life is all about spreading goodness and joy.

As for the flavor of Trappistine Quality Candy- every bite speaks volumes!

We hope you will share it with your clients and loved ones to add joy to Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays throughout the year.






Trappistine_MunchDark Clr Backgd

Trappistine.  Enduring the test of time.  Pure.  Wholesome.  Unadulterated.  Infused with Love and Prayer.

These words symbolize not only the lives lived by those in our order, but also, our candy. This fruit of our labor, work of our hands, financially sustains our life of prayer, spirituality, and simplicity, and it, too is infused with our love and prayer.  It is part of the Trappistine tradition – one that has endured and thrived since 1098.

That’s why, when we set to re-design our packaging, we selected simply the word “Trappistine” to appear on the label of all of our products.  Pure and simple, “Trappistine” says it all!

We chose the “T” with the vine around it for two reasons:  one, because it is reminiscent of biblical script from the days when monks used to transcribe the bible, using decorative calligraphy for the first letter of the first word of each chapter.

Second, it symbolizes our commitment to preserving natural resources – and respect for our environment.  We host three forms of renewable energy on our land, and live simply, avoiding waste, and recycling and composting.

Most importantly, we realize that our customers often give our candy as a gift, so we wanted to make the packaging and labeling as beautiful as your intention, and ready-to-give.

You will begin to see this new label on all of our products next year, and for this season, we are able to offer it on our new Trappistine Trio combination offering – three flavors of our candy, ready to give, and tied with a bow!

We at Trappistine Quality Candy invite you to share in the fruits of our labor.   It gives us joy to serve you -with Love and Prayers.

The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey


Our customers have told us that you can TASTE the goodness in our candy.

Made with only pure and natural ingredients, without preservatives, our candy not only tastes good, but its high quality ingredients make it a healthier choice as well.












Ora Labora



Ora and Labora:  Prayer and Work.   That is the meaning behind this beautiful life-sized cross that now hangs in the Candy Production area, where the delicious chocolates you know and love – are produced.

Created by a Trappist Monk from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA, this work of art was many months in the making.  Brother Hugh Vannesse, artist, and monk, was commissioned to do this work by the sisters.  Having struggled with reconciling the two sides of himself – a man dedicated to God through the religious life, and an artist, this work served to integrate him as a person.

This Cistercian Monastery, governed by Benedictine rule, must have a cross in every room of the building.  This beautiful cross, the largest one in the monastery, will surely inspire the sisters as they work in the facility – making delicious candy – with Love and Prayers.


Trappistine Tea and Chocolate Pairing Guide

Looking for a  “pick-me up” on an early spring afternoon?   Tea and Chocolate pairing  provides a warm caffeine boost, while also boosting your daily intake of flavenoids and antioxidants.

It’s good for you, and, even better, it tastes so good!


You’ll find a lot of obvious matches.  For instance, Chai (generally a sweet tea with steamed milk) is often recommended with milk chocolate.  And, citrus flavored teas pair well with citrus flavored chocolates.

You’re also bound to find some  teas  you’ve never tried before pair well with your favorite chocolates.  So, try them.  And, don’t be limited by what others have already tried and recommended.  We know what your favorite chocolates are!   So, what’s your cup of tea?   Experiment a little, and you’re bound to find some new pairings that work well for you.

We have put together our own Trappistine Chocolate and Tea Pairings Guide to help you get off to a running start.  You’ll find our Trappistine Chocolates are packaged in quantities that will support tea pairing parties, so plan a winter warm up with your friends!

And, let us know what you discover so we can share it with your fellow tea enthusiasts!  Feel free to e-mail your feedback about our pairing guide, and your own discoveries to:  Include a photo, and we’ll share them on Facebook.

So, get to it!  It’s time for a winter warm-up!

And, don’t forget to  share the warmth with us.    Watch for more on tea and chocolate pairings on Facebook and in our monthly newsletter.

Chocolate and Tea Pairings