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Trappistine.  Enduring the test of time.  Pure.  Wholesome.  Unadulterated.  Infused with Love and Prayer.

These words symbolize not only the lives lived by those in our order, but also, our candy. This fruit of our labor, work of our hands, financially sustains our life of prayer, spirituality, and simplicity, and it, too is infused with our love and prayer.  It is part of the Trappistine tradition – one that has endured and thrived since 1098.

That’s why, when we set to re-design our packaging, we selected simply the word “Trappistine” to appear on the label of all of our products.  Pure and simple, “Trappistine” says it all!

We chose the “T” with the vine around it for two reasons:  one, because it is reminiscent of biblical script from the days when monks used to transcribe the bible, using decorative calligraphy for the first letter of the first word of each chapter.

Second, it symbolizes our commitment to preserving natural resources – and respect for our environment.  We host three forms of renewable energy on our land, and live simply, avoiding waste, and recycling and composting.

Most importantly, we realize that our customers often give our candy as a gift, so we wanted to make the packaging and labeling as beautiful as your intention, and ready-to-give.

You will begin to see this new label on all of our products next year, and for this season, we are able to offer it on our new Trappistine Trio combination offering – three flavors of our candy, ready to give, and tied with a bow!

We at Trappistine Quality Candy invite you to share in the fruits of our labor.   It gives us joy to serve you -with Love and Prayers.

The Sisters of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey


Our customers have told us that you can TASTE the goodness in our candy.

Made with only pure and natural ingredients, without preservatives, our candy not only tastes good, but its high quality ingredients make it a healthier choice as well.