“I have been telling everyone about your delicious candy.  So my cousins told me that I’d better be sending them a box for Christmas.  It sure makes Christmas shopping easy and I know they are going to love it.”

“We have heard so many good things about your candy.  I can’t wait to sample it.  Thank you for your prompt delivery and excellent packaging.” 

“Just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed your candies, they are outstanding.  I have already received the current order and have given a box of candy to my Pastor.  I know he will agree that they are wonderful!”

“We have received many phone calls thanking us for your “delicious Candy”.  Thank you for your work.”

“You are the best! Your candy has been part of wonderful Christmas memories for my family and community for many, many years.  I am grateful you all allow me to continue the tradition.”

“Over the years your group have brought many smiles to those who we’ve shared your candy with, and it has almost grown to be a custom.  Thank you again and continue to touch others through your kind and Christian ministries.”

“Just to let you know I received a call from my brother in Memphis and he loves the candy, he said it is the best he has ever had and he travels all over the world and eats a lot of chocolate.  Believe it or not that is high praise from my brother when it is the best he has ever had.  I have had so many praises about the chocolate.  Thank you your chocolates are great.”

“I received my order today.  Thank you so much for your assistance.  Your butter crunch is the best I have ever tasted and everyone I know who tastes it agrees.  I will continue to give them as gifts in the future.”